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Speaker Profile


I was a software developer for 40 years, yeah started out on those room filing mainframes. Contemplating retirement my Wife said I needed to find a creative outlet.  Because I always listen to my Wife I discovered photography as relief for all those years of left-brain work.

I tried all sorts of photographic genres but kept returning to anything to do with animals.  Living 20 minutes from the world class Memphis Zoo is a perfect place to create compelling portraits of animals which capture the essence of our fellow creatures with whom we share this planet. My animal portraits have been displayed at local galleries and also in San Francisco, and London. I have also been published in several magazines and my eagle image from the Memphis Zoo can be found in the book “Wonders: Spectacular Moments in Nature Photography” published by the California Academy of Sciences.

I started out with a Canon Rebel and watched untold hours of YouTube and Scott Kelby videos learning the craft of photography and post processing. I now own a Canon 5d Mk IV and an Olympus OMD EM1 Mk II.

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Aug. 1st

Thursday Aug 1 , 2019 |  Zootography – Compelling Images of Captive Animals – Purchase Ticket

We will review camera settings, lens selection, and accessories to help “get the shot”. Look at strategies to minimize unnatural barriers in the Zoo, such as glass, bars, netting, fences, etc. How to read animal behavior to anticipate a moment. Also some post processing tips to bring out the best in your images.

Aug. 3

5:15pm-7:00pm  |  Finding Your Photographic Passion – Craft in Service of Art

You have taken up photography as a hobby but find yourself floundering on what genre of photography you want to concentrate on? We will explore what strategies you can use to hone in on your best self expression. However passion without the skills to accomplish your vision will leave your images lacking and you frustrated. We will review how to gain the knowledge to develop your photographic craft to support your personal vision.